First of all we don’t use cheap materials and we don’use poor labor.



We Italians are famous in the world due to our handmade products.

Exclusivity, quality, Italian style, and a trademark granted by law distinguishes us from other countries.

A brand that has increasingly correct legal definitions over the years, protecting itself from fraud and counterfeiting.

“MADE IN ITALY”. What does it mean?

What is the difference between Made in Italy and  “100% Made in Italy”?

 The main difference is that a product gets 100% made in Italy only if it is entirely produced, worked and assembled in Italy sothat the true origin of the product is ensured.

 The choice of a 100% Made in Italy product today is not just a choice of quality and status symbol, (which enhances the product made entirely in Italy), but it is also an indispensable act of correct communication as well.

 The 100% Made in Italy certification is released after a series of very careful checks on quality, style, materials and throughout the production phase.

 It is therefore a certification that protects the consumer who buys a product guaranteed over time.

We are really proud to be able to boast this certification and we are glad to offer you a VERY ITALIAN product!



The word itself tells you: it means that the shoes will be made expressly to make your feet feel comfortable, so you do not have to settle for a shape or style that more or less will suit you.

Always remember that our feet are never perfectly equal to each other, so wearing comfortable shoes can solve many problems.

Do you happen to go home and look forward to taking off your shoes?

Well, we decided that our goal was precisely to offer our customers a new experience: forget to have shoes still on their feet.

If they are not comfortable, we are not going to make them.