Order without warehouse:

We have studied a formula for the customer who does not want to make a large warehouse.

In the shop there must be present test models, we reccomend 4 for women and 4 for men, with at least 5 sizes for each model. The photos of the model chosen with all the colors combinations are downloaded from our website.

When a customer comes to the store and tests the shoes, the colors alternative are shown to her/him, via the downloaded photos and the order is taken.

The order will be sent to our mail address, the model will be processed and sent in about 15/20 days.

P.S. It is recommended to take more orders in the week, so as not to overweight the cost of the shipping on a sigle order.

Privat Label:

We can do Privat Label for each customer that needs this service.

It is important to send us the logo and the punch ( the punch we can do it here in Italy if you want).

We will then put your logo on the products and on the boxes.


We do dropshipping. When you receive an order and payment, just send us the order and money. 

We will send the product directly to your customer. For this service we take 15/20 days to deliver.

Minimum order:

we do not have minimum order. In any case it is always advised to make a small supply of products.